An ethical capitalism wins

with direct democracy the race of social systems for a better future

Philosopher, researcher, artist and promoter

dieter walter liedtke
Dieter Walter Liedtke


three offers


that you and your children 

ensure a better future:

offer: 1


global esOKç

Real Estate Shares
From the real estate company Globalpeace Campus INC
become advertising
for a global peace between the religions 
250 million real estate shares, 
before the IPO (25% of the share capital)
of society in all countries to every citizen of the earth free of charge. 

For the allocation of the free shares, the date of receipt with time 
from our order form for free shares via e-mail on our website.

The Globalpeace Campus INC shares of the real estate company are to be traded on the stock exchange at approximately 19.50 US dollars per share when the company goes public.

Offer 1

to the free shares with ethical and double profits

Free shares

Offer 2


Peace Real Estate 

Luxury yield real estate on the Globalpeace Campus

global euOK

Sustainable smart luxury real estate
at the Globalpeace Campus Moixent Valencia/Spain

 -which are self-financing,

-guarantee you a second ethical income, 

-with unique cultural facilities
which offer you yield security
and promote peace between religions 

 Offer 2

to the ownership units with ethical and double profits

luxury investment properties

Offer: 3


105 Vip packages for research
with avant-garde artwork 
by Dieter W. Liedtke 
and art historical A, AA and AAA expertises
as well as possible Artinvest art value guarantee
with 100% to 300% price increase


plus a free bonus share package  
the company aimeim plc Dublin 

the free internet platform for health promotion for all
and cell rejuvenation at:

There are only aimeim 105 Vip packages
with artwork at prices from 1000 Euro with 200 free shares
available per Vip package.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Vip packages will be used for cell rejuvenation research.

Only 4 million shares / 25% of the share capital of the Cell Rejuvenation Company
aimeim plc Dublin before the IPO.

The aimeim plc cell rejuvenation shares are to be traded on the stock exchange at the opening price of approx. 94 euros per share to further finance the research and implementation of the app

Offer 3

to the Vip packages with ethical and double profits